Letter: ‘Obamacare’ A Law, Not A Provider

“Obamacare” is a law, not a medical provider or an insurance provider.

An Act of Congress can either be a public law or a private law, relating to specific institutions or individuals. For example, the Civil Rights Act, the Embargo Act, the Homestead Act, the Homeland Security Act, the Affordable Care Act, etc…

The Affordable Care Act protects you from insurance company abuses like cancellations for pre-existing condition and the gluttony of huge corporate multi-million-dollar bonuses.

Today, any premium/cost increases come from the for-profit corporate insurance companies. So the recent Palm Beach Post headline, “Obamacare costs, subsidies to rise” should accurately be “Obamacare subsidies, insurance companies’ premiums to rise.”

Can you name any other Act of Congress that insinuates blame on one man, a U.S. president, when private corporations’ costs rise? Americans, don’t let the misinformation, 24-7 propaganda machine lull you anymore. Again: “Obamacare” is a law, not a medical provider or an insurance company! So unplug yourself from the diabolical misuse of language, get the facts straight, and the truth will set you free. You’ll sleep better, too.

Jude Smallwood, The Acreage


  1. Obamacare Facts & Figure

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as “Obamacare”) asserts federal control over health care benefits and financing, establishes a complex one-size-fits-all health system, and centralizes America’s health care decisions in Washington.

    The Solution
    Ensure Medicare is viable in the future by giving seniors better benefits at a lower cost through choice and competition.

    Obamacare Facts & Figures
    The law cuts an estimated $716 billion from Medicare over ten years. However, these “savings” are not set aside to preserve Medicare’s future, instead they are used to fund new spending created by the law.
    Nearly one-third of all seniors rely on Medicare Advantage, the private health care option in Medicare. Despite the program’s growing enrollment and beneficiary satisfaction, Obamacare makes deep cuts to the program that jeopardize its viability in coming years.

    In addition to payment cuts, Obamacare imposes new taxes on drug companies and medical device makers, and new regulations that will make health care more costly for seniors.

    The Right Way Forward for America
    After repeal of Obamacare, Congress should pursue targeted policy solutions that address practical problems faced by millions of Americans in a step-by-step and fully transparent legislative process. The elements outlined above are at the core of transforming today’s health care economy into one where individuals and families can control their own dollars and make their own decisions.

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