Deborah Burggraaf Introduces Her Eighth Book

Local author Deborah Burggraaf, the 2013 and 2014 Florida Authors & Publishers Association (FAPA) Silver Medal recipient, has just announced the release of her new book, Resilient Red.

Burggraaf has teamed up once again with Chicago illustrator Matt Lumsden to create a vividly illustrated, inspirational book for children that teaches them how to prepare for any storm in life that they may encounter. The enjoyable lessons will help children build their confidence and self-esteem.

The central characters in Resilient Red are a family of ants and a family of humans consisting of a father, mother and two children. The lead character and storyteller is the adorable and wise, Resilient Red. He gives simple, easy to follow advice as the storm approaches.

The story takes place in South Florida, where Tropical Storm Isaac pounded the area with relentless wind and rain in 2012. The red ants were among the insects and animals that weathered the storm.

Children are encouraged to listen to their parents, remain calm and prepare for the storm, gather the needed supplies, and of course, don’t forget the family dog. They are also encouraged to adapt to the changed environment following the storm and, when safe, begin the cleanup. The book will hold the attention of children because it’s entertaining, and parents because it is informative. It builds confidence in children as each page is read.

Parents, teachers and children will also love the age-specific learning activities available at Burggraaf’s web site, which can be found at

ABOVE: The cover of Resilient Red.