Letter: Louda Objects To Goltzené Statement

At the Jan. 6 meeting of the Loxahatchee Groves Town Council, Councilman Tom Goltzené did not infer but directly stated that I left the roadways and trails committee because of the chair at that time, Mrs. Nina Corning. I found this out by watching the video, as I was not in attendance.

Mr. Goltzené hopefully knows that he is lying about his statement. I enjoyed my tenure on that committee and also working with Mrs. Corning. Mayor [Dave] Browning, who appointed me to that committee, can affirm that I informed him of my decision and reason for resigning.

My research, a National Science Foundation grant for work in the Bahamas and teaching responsibilities at Florida Atlantic University had me running in circles, and if I cannot devote 110 percent effort to a task, I would rather not try and end by doing a poor job. Thus, I resigned.

My decision to leave had absolutely nothing to do with Mrs. Corning, and I greatly resent the statement that it did. Talk about bending truth to support a contrived argument — I now see that Mr. Goltzené is a champion at this. The citizens of Loxahatchee Groves deserve and should demand truth from the dais.

Dr. Bill Louda, Loxahatchee Groves


  1. infer: deduce or conclude (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements:
    “from these facts we can infer that crime has been increasing”
    synonyms: deduce · conclude · conjecture · surmise · reason · interpret

    imply: verb (used with object), implied, implying.
    to indicate or suggest without being explicitlystated:
    His words implied a lack of faith.
    (of words) to signify or mean.
    to involve as a necessary circumstance:
    Speech implies a speaker.

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