Letter: Lipp Still Doesn’t Trust Ryan Liang

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the letter “You Can Trust Ryan Liang” by Ryan Liang, published last week.

Bottom line, the basic question is: Why did Ryan Liang recuse himself in 2014 during the Minto discussions and not recuse himself in the 2009 discussions about Callery-Judge Grove? Liang was elected to represent the residents of the town. Only 1.2 percent of the residents in the town mailed in “Yes to Minto” reply cards. The overwhelming majority of town residents were opposed to Minto West’s density. Liang’s web site states “Ryan was and is neutral on Minto.” “Because Ryan’s family owns land bordering Minto, Ryan recused himself from any council votes on Minto…”

Why should we allow Liang to remain neutral on Minto West? As an elected town representative, Liang must represent the people who elected him and not claim neutrality on these big issues. How can we expect Ryan Liang to represent the Town of Loxahatchee Groves on future issues that can substantially impact our community?

What is the end game? Consider the following scenarios…

Scenario 1: The Liangs sell their 120-acre Silver Lake properties to Minto. FYI, Silver Lake’s 120 acres is within the boundary of the Seminole Improvement District, which is on the town’s northern border and is surrounded by Minto West. Minto can then obtain county approval for more homes and additional commercial for the 120 acres.

Scenario 2: In January 2013, WPB Development purchased 65 acres from two of the Liangs’ holding companies. A 30-acre section of this property extends from Minto West on the north to North Road on the south. The Minto/Silver Lake culvert crossing to this section coincidentally lines up with C Road. Was the master plan to remove Ryan and family from their town land holdings so that this vital C Road connection could happen? Liang and his supporters on the council could approve WPB Development’s connection to Minto West and establish of a southern connection through the town. This would result in thousands of trips per day using C Road to access Okeechobee Blvd.

Can Liang be trusted? What is the end game? You decide March 10. Re-elect no one!

Dennis Lipp, Loxahatchee Groves