Letter: Support For Darrell Lange

At last, residents of Royal Palm Beach have a real choice among candidates for our Royal Palm Beach Village Council Seat 2! For too many years now we have been faced with few options between the back-and-forth campaigns of the same two individuals who offered no new ideas and sometimes even backed-off campaign promises made to us once elected.

Now, a fresh, new candidate has come forward, an individual with an open mind willing to listen to us and beholden to no one except those he will represent — all the residents of our village. That person is Darrell Lange, who was born and raised in Palm Beach County and has lived in Royal Palm Beach for 14 years.

Darrell attended school here and is now employed by the Palm Beach County Capital Improvements Department. He believes in giving to the community and volunteered to serve on Royal Palm Beach’s Planning & Zoning Commission for six years. He also is deeply committed to the youth of our community and remains actively involved in youth baseball and has coached for more than 10 years. Darrell also serves as an assistant scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts.

Darrell has given selflessly to our community for a long time, and through this service has achieved a good understanding of our community and our needs and concerns. He has said that he wants more public engagement, which allows us to become more involved in our community, more confident to express our ideas, and to avoid surprises and unexpected costs to taxpayers on projects. Some of his major issues include, but are not limited to, security in the community, the quality of our schools and traffic concerns.

It has been a long time coming, but finally Royal Palm Beach residents have the chance to consider someone with a new outlook and fresh ideas to represent us on the village council. For too long we have had the same people in the same seats and, as a result, have had the same things happening. It’s time to elect someone with no preconceptions to listen to us and to represent our interests in municipal government.

I suspect that many of us had decided not to vote at all because of the lack of choice among the “same old-same old.” I was one of those people. But now there is a real choice for real representation and community-inspired ideas. I urge you, my friends and neighbors in Royal Palm Beach, to go to the polls on Tuesday, March 10 and vote for the candidate who is listening and will truly represent what is best for us. Vote for Darrell Lange!

Arlene Olinsky, Royal Palm Beach