Letter: Truth Is A Must

I support Keith Harris for “right and proper government.”

I don’t support him simply because he vows to accelerate the opening of the recreational trails.

I don’t support him simply because he vows to carefully account for town spending.

I don’t support him simply because he vows to effectively manage “The Minto Effect.”

I support him because I trust him. He’s an honest man. I know he’s trustworthy and has no “secrets.”

I know this because I have discovered that his opponent, Ryan Liang, is not, and does have secrets.

How? I personally asked Ryan point blank if he is pro-Minto, yes or no, giving him a clear opportunity to deny the rumors. He didn’t.

I can tell you, pro-Minto Ryan has a nasty group of pro-Minto people campaigning for him. They play dirty. People tend to when there is a large amount of money sloshing around.

If they could find anything they could slur Keith with, they would. And yet… the best they can come up with was he managed a very difficult RETGAC meeting by allegedly overusing his gavel.

Yep, truly, that’s the worst thing they can say about him, and you know, even that wasn’t true. I was at that meeting; Keith was pushed as far as any reasonable man could be expected to tolerate.

So, this is how we know Keith can be trusted and how we know Ryan Liang cannot.

Maybe that’s why Keith’s proud red, white and blue signs promising “Right and Proper Government” are everywhere? Ryan’s promise nothing.

Go Keith. You have hundreds of supporters who know the truth.

Tim Hart-Woods, Loxahatchee Groves


  1. Another Opinion: Perhaps one of the best metrics one can use when deciding whom to vote for is by paying attention to the visual pollution that candidates place throughout our town in the form of campaign signs. Personally, I vote for the person that produces the least amount of this visual pollution.

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