Letter: Vote For The Future Of Lox Groves

Loxahatchee Groves residents, this is your time and chance to cast a vote on March 10, to determine what you individually would like to see happen within our town as we continue to grow.

Issues to consider: Do you want paved roads or not? Your opinion should count. Vote. If you want them, they should be moved forward on instead of countless surveys with little or no action. If the vote is for paved roads, it should be for all and not just the roads on which members of the Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District live. The “if it’s free, it’s for me” attitude of many years cannot continue if you are vigilant regarding what happens. If the board can buy a building or approve a college without a vote from the residents, they should be able to decide on roads.

Do you want equestrian trails or not (at this point probably at least a 25-year-old effort and ongoing)? Your opinion should count. Vote.

Are you happy with the RV/camper parks springing up all over the Groves, perhaps without permits, septic, water, trash pickup, etc? Your opinion should count. Vote. Loxahatchee Groves voted to become a town on the premise of one residence on five or 10 acres. If this is what you voted for and want, it should be enforced. Temporary residences should not be a way around this restriction.

Does it concern you that properties are being used for parking lots for semis even when there is no residence on the property? Does this then become a commercial enterprise? If you have a concern, vote.

Lastly, do you want term limits on your candidates? Good or bad, if the same people have a lock on the board forever, the only things that will or can happen are the things they allow to happen. No council member is going to vote themselves out, so unless someone resigns, your board will never change. We are in a period of rapid and changing landscape and growth, so if what happens to you is important to you, vote!

Joyce Batcheler, Loxahatchee Groves