Letter: Olinsky Responds To Matula Letter

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the letter “Support For Dave Swift” by Felicia Matula published last week.

Although the municipal elections will be over by the time the next edition of the Town-Crier comes out, I very much would appreciate the opportunity to respond to what I consider Ms. Matula’s personal attack on my integrity. While I consider criticism of my political views a fair part of the democratic principles under which we operate, her attack on my personal integrity deserves a response.

I must take exception to Ms. Matula’s comments concerning my letter of support for Darrell Lange in the Royal Palm Beach Village Council election. She referred to my changing opinions like “throwing away old socks like normal people do.” Not true! I value experience in public servants, but not when the candidate lies to his constituents. During his campaign, Mr. Swift sent a letter to Saratoga residents informing them that each household could get $1,000 as a result of his negotiations regarding Tract C. Not true, and not legal!

Furthermore, Ms. Matula implied that I am some kind of political hack writer, perhaps for pay. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have observed and, on occasion, commented on the political scene in New York, Bonn (via a Fulbright grant), Chicago and here in Palm Beach County! My comments always have been my own political views. No one prompts me, and I most certainly have not been paid. On the other hand, it is not unreasonable to suspect that Ms. Matula’s letter could have been payment for Mr. Swift’s supporting her in her campaign for mayor, which she ultimately lost. Or could it be pay forward for his support in her next run for his council seat after he runs for mayor?

Arlene Olinsky, Royal Palm Beach


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