Letter: RPB Voters Got It Right

Watching election night returns for the three-way Royal Palm Beach Village Council race via the Internet was not as exciting as being present in the village, but the results were certainly no disappointment. Once again — and despite a full-court press by challengers and their supporters — David Swift was convincingly returned to the council seat he has more than earned.

And once again, savvy voters acknowledged David Swift’s experienced public service and re-elected an incumbent whose message is solely his own and who has served tirelessly on their behalf. There are some things money and influence just can’t buy, as the also-rans and their benefactors learned when the votes were tallied. Their campaign strategy utterly backfired, and village voters were very clear about who they value and who they do not.

In baseball, it’s three strikes and you’re out, and a 0.000 batting average would likely see a player benched and off the roster entirely. But apparently that’s lost on one contender, who has unsuccessfully tried three times to best David Swift, as well as unseat the mayor while simultaneously eying a county commission seat. These losses, plus the latest rejection by voters, should send a crystal-clear message to her that unless there is an open council seat — such as the very one I vacated by moving and for which she ran and won — there is little other likelihood for elected success. Voters don’t always buy what some candidates repeatedly try to sell. Next time — and there will likely be a next time — more careful vetting of her political associations might prove to be a better campaign strategy.

For now, the voters of the Village of Royal Palm Beach have made their choice in a proven winner.

Barbara Yoresh, Vero Beach


  1. Barbara Yorish ( Isenberg) was a gold digging opportunist who sat for barely one term on the council (doing NOTHING!) until she found her 3rd husband and left. She has harbored bad feelings ever since she was found GUILTY of illegal campaign contributions and fined by the Florida State Ethics Commission. So much for HER opinion! Ck the facts readers!!!

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