Letter: Support A Senior Facility In RPB

Outside of David Swift, candidate for Royal Palm Beach Village Council, no one on the council, including the mayor, is interested in establishing or building a facility for seniors in Royal Palm Beach. Such a facility could address the growing need in Royal Palm Beach for short-term rehabilitative service, assisted living and long-term care.

In a previous article, I wrote about the need for building such a facility now, rather than waiting 10 years when the costs would be greater and the need more critical. I received comments from people who were supportive of such a facility, but unsure how such a facility could be financed. Of course, there are those who offer no constructive support but rather change the gist of the discussion, based on dated knowledge, of the inability of seniors to receive both Medicare and Medicaid. This has changed over time and is affected by exceptions found in “means testing allowances.” The last does not further the discussion on how best to accomplish our goal but to serve a purpose with no merit.

There is no “one size fits all” and how such a facility could be supported will vary within the confines of a business plan, but this we do know, that there are subsidies and reverse mortgage packages that could support the care of many seniors in Royal Palm Beach living in very large houses no longer useful or necessary, which are expensive to maintain. We can all appreciate that our children often are separated from us, living in other states, raising another generation and cannot assist with the care or even financially help their parents.

Seniors, many of whom have provided much of the socioeconomic structures that the leaders of our community have come to enjoy, they enjoy seemingly oblivious to such origin. Seniors should not be forced to leave our community to seek communities with more forward-thinking leaders. Seniors keep our restaurants open and many businesses in business.

In conclusion, let me say to those that see Royal Palm Beach as just an opportunity to make money, that many of us are responsible for your lifestyle, and what most seniors desire is that in facing their advancing years, that their leaders recognize their contributions, allow them a way to remain with their many friends in our community and live in dignity.

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach