Letter: Support For Dave Swift

The following is in response to the letter “Support for Darrell Lange” by Arlene Olinsky published last week.

Oh, the evil webs we weave. How is it that less than a year ago, she told us it was important to keep a person “with experience” on the council, but all of the sudden, it appears that “new” is in? Ms. Olinsky changes her mind like normal people change their socks, or maybe she is taking direction from someone else as a political letter writer without a true opinion of her own?

Well, I’m happy to say, that I’m my own person and I’m not on anyone’s payroll, and neither is our Vice Mayor Dave Swift. He can’t be bought with large newspaper advertisements, promised endorsements or money from our local “anti-development developer.” Vice Mayor Swift is open, honest and an extremely approachable candidate who has earned your vote based on what he has done for Royal Palm Beach.

He listened to La Mancha residents when they wanted the Madrid opening closed. At the recent candidates forum, he stated that if residents’ opinions changed on the issue, he’d be willing to listen. He was part of the former wastewater treatment plant decision, and from the start, unlike another candidate, Mr. Swift did what the voters wanted, he voted against commercializing the property. He assisted the residents of Saratoga in selling a piece of their property as part of the $35 million deal with Lennar so that their homeowners’ association could receive about $700,000 to use as they see fit. Mr. Swift is an active member of the Western Communities Council, which is fighting to extend State Road 7 to Northlake Blvd. He serves as liaison to our Planning & Zoning Commission, and as a member of the village’s Young at Heart Club, he has identified building a senior living complex as one of his top priorities.

In short, Vice Mayor Swift is one of the most experienced and active members on the council. He’s not looking to further his political career, he is looking to serve the residents of Royal Palm Beach now and for another two years.

I hope, voters, that you will take five minutes and either mail in your absentee ballot, or go to the polls on March 10 and cast your vote for Vice Mayor Dave Swift. He deserves another two years to serve the village.

Felicia Matula, Royal Palm Beach

Editor’s note: Ms. Matula is a member of the Royal Palm Beach Planning & Zoning Commission and a previous candidate for mayor.