Letter: Support For Martha Webster

In the upcoming election, Martha Webster is my obvious choice. Having supported David Swift in the two previous elections, I could no longer support David.

I was impressed with how graceful Martha was in her two defeats, and coupled with her strong support for the Office of the Inspector General and opposition to Minto West, it makes her the ideal candidate most deserving of winning on March 10.

The Palm Beach Post said it’s not the “thriller in Manila,” but compared the third meeting of David Swift and Martha Webster to Ali and Frazier.

David was not impressive at the recent forum and was very evasive in my books. Had he respected the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the western communities and rejected Minto West and voiced strong support for the Office of the Inspector General, then I, like so many others, would have supported him.

Martha has reconciled with the mayor and also ex-County Commissioner Jess Santamaria, who have now endorsed her. She has a good idea of the direction the Village of Royal Palm Beach should take and a burning desire to serve. Surely informed voters will give their support to Martha.

Let’s make March the month we return Martha to office. She is the best candidate in the race, and I look forward to congratulating her when she is victorious on March 10.

To all eligible voters, I say, please make your voice heard and vote for Martha Webster on March 10.

Karl Witter, The Acreage