Letter: Does Wellington Really Need An Equestrian Plan?

As a Wellington resident, I question why we need an Equestrian Preserve Area Plan. We are such a diverse group of equestrians, from many, very different neighborhoods. This has never been needed before, and I don’t see why it’s needed now. It seems like such a big expense, and not many will be pleased with the outcome, in my opinion.

When questions or problems have come up in the past, it was always dealt with as a neighborhood decision, with the Wellington Village Council. Everyone from the neighborhood involved came in and presented their case to the council. When you make a rule, you lose a right, and the town hall meeting on April 6 had a lot of suggested rules that will be very costly to the residents.

One more point: 9,000 acres and 40 people attended this meeting. I don’t see much interest in a plan.

Chris Wallace, President, Pine Tree Water Control District, Wellington


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