Letter: Don’t Abuse Dogs And Other Animals

I love animals, and I adore dogs. They have formed a special niche in my life that means so much. The occasional thought of someone causing harm to my handsome German shepherd, that’s so full of love and energy, would destroy me. I can see no legitimate reason for such actions. This abuse extends to even our involvement in selective breeding.

You may not be informed, but man’s desire for the “perfect dog” in all breeds creates negative effects on all canines. Breeders can argue all day that selective breeding is better for the dog because it creates the best dog, but this is utterly incorrect. Selective breeding only creates our blurred vision of a “perfect dog.” Pugs and bulldogs have developed noses that are so squished and enclosed that they cannot breathe. German shepherds and Rottweilers have hip problems due to their massive front or upper bodies. It is out of proportion, and the extra weight puts stress on their hips that will later cause major difficulties for them.

I believe all animals should not have to live through abuse. In some instances, people may believe such abuse is appropriate. They defend a tradition set many years before them. For example, bullfighting is common in many regions of Spain, and this man versus beast conflict is carried out and agonizing for the bull. I believe that traditions can change. Catalonia and the Canary Islands have banned this “tradition.” Times change, and traditions are forgotten. There is no excuse for such treatment.

Animals are here to keep the planet in order and participate in the food chain to keep life on Earth alive. The unnatural abuse or death of animals is cruel; it is something I will never be able to understand. There is no reason for continuously victimizing animals. Here in the United States, dogs are man’s best friend. In other parts of the world, dogs may be consumed just as we consume a cow. And like the bull, maybe these dog fights are just a way to profit more from harvesting a food source, but this involuntary fight to the death, it’s just as inhumane as the years of the gladiators, even if the animals are used for consumption afterward. Do we still pin two people against each other’s will to fight to the death?

Animals are here to live a life just as you and me. Dogs are companions and full of love, not a pawn in a cage match. Animals deserve a life like you and me. If there is anything we ought to do, it’s making sure that we can keep animals out of harm’s way and let them live a life that is not spoiled by abuse.

Jonathan Gairala, The Acreage