New RPBHS Program Embraces Fitness Technology

Royal Palm Beach High School has been awarded a three-year grant by the Presidential Youth Fitness program to supply the school with a software and virtual training package to help students track their personal health and fitness goals.

The award covers a three year-period and will commence in the 2015-16 school year.

“I am thrilled to see that our school will be incorporating user-friendly technology to help students with important health concepts like cardio, flexibility, muscle strength and endurance, and body fat index,” grant co-writer and physical education teacher Maureen Witkowski said. “The emphasis will be on helping students meet individual goals, not a comparison with a perceived success level that has been the standard for years. Students will be able to track progress throughout their high school careers.”

Physical education teacher Robb Wilgoren was also a co-writer of the grant as well. Eric Stern, the school district’s K-12 physical education and health programs planner, will also be observing and assisting with the program.

Presidential Youth Fitness Program Director Jane Wargo commended Wilgoren and Witkowski. “You are leading the efforts to facilitate healthier habits among our youth and to raise a healthier, more active generation,” Wargo said.