$137,000 Is A Cool Return On A $20 Investment


Math was never my favorite subject in school. So when you buy something for $20 and sell it for $137,000, I can’t figure out what the true profit margin is.

Well, let’s see. This gentleman, surely my new hero, named James Tumblin, worked in the hair and makeup department at Universal Studios in the early 1960s. That’s when he decided to buy a dress worn by actress Vivian Leigh in the movie Gone With The Wind — for just $20. Tumblin recently sold the gown, through Heritage Auctions, for $137,000!

Tumblin is reputed to have collected many hundreds of items related to the movie over the ensuing years. A portion of his treasures were shown at the North Carolina Museum of History in 2012. Goodness knows what valuable Gone With The Wind piece of history will go on the auction block next.

The recent gold mine auction for Tumblin had some 150 items on sale. Imagine what you and I missed out on! By the way, Ms. Leigh (as Scarlett O’Hara) wore the aforementioned dress in a paltry four scenes in the famous flick.