Letter: A Senseless, Preventable Accident

Here it is, less than two years since the fatal accident at Tangerine Blvd. and 120th Ave. North in The Acreage, and we have another fatality. This time, it was a young woman just finishing high school, just beginning her adult life. A life cut severely short. A needless death. A death that could and should have been prevented, if only the Indian Trail Improvement District listened.

Less than two years ago, I wrote a letter to this paper stating how people speed here, run the stop sign and about how dangerous this intersection is. I also stated that the traffic and conditions would worsen with the opening of the State Road 7 extension at 60th Street, and it has. I, and a neighbor, wrote letters regarding the accident that happened and that steps needed to be done to slow traffic down to help prevent another tragedy. We pointed out that this intersection is also a bus stop for the local high school. Just imagine if the bus had been here or the kids were walking down the street at that time. We requested that Indian Trail install speed humps and possibly a four-way stop. Indian Trail believed that this was not a dangerous intersection. We both stated that it would only be a matter of time before another tragedy would happen. And it unfortunately has.

The intersection at Tangerine Blvd. and 120th Ave. North is indeed a dangerous intersection. There are accidents (most not reported) and many near accidents. There are countless speeders, some as high as 90 miles an hour. There are the stop sign runners.

I am sick at heart as I type this. A young woman, who all have stated was a wonderful woman, is now dead. Her parents, her brother and many other relatives and friends mourn her. Her parents have stated how dangerous this intersection, as well as the westward path of Tangerine, has increasingly become. I have spoken with many neighbors and people who live on surrounding streets, and all have expressed that speed humps and a stop sign are much needed — and a lowering of the speed limit to 35 would be beneficial, also. There are too many people and too much traffic. A speed of 40 is not needed. Most go over 50 anyway. Many in the neighborhood no longer walk along these roads as they feel they are too dangerous due to the speed of the cars.

Indian Trail, you made a grave error in judgment two years ago. It is time you listen and step up to the plate this time. Put speed humps on all four parts of the roads leading to this intersection. Speed humps will slow the speeders down yet still allow those obeying the speed to continue with minimal slowing. Speed humps work. And four-way stops will make it even safer.

Do not state again that this intersection is not dangerous. Do not hide your heads in the sand again. Do not ignore the people who live here. Do not pretend that this will never happen again. Without safety measures installed, I’m certain that it will. Two fatalities on my property at one intersection is two fatalities too many. Control the problem. Take action now and prevent another senseless, needless death.

Ann Junkes, The Acreage


  1. Nicely worded. My concern is traffic is going to get worse when developers are allowed to use our roads. ITID needs to stifle the flow of traffic to help prevent these types of tragedies in the future.

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