Letter: Anne Gerwig And Canal Cleaning

It doesn’t seem so long ago that I wrote a letter to this paper when we had our last uproar about canal bank cleaning and Councilwoman Anne Gerwig.

I’m not going into the necessity of the village canal bank cleaning; it is a necessity to prevent homes from flooding in the event of a heavy rain/hurricane. Because Florida was developed through canals for drainage, the canals must be free of trees, bushes and anything that could end up in our canals and back up the water. We are speaking of a potential hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, and many people don’t even have flood insurance.

We cannot treat FPL rights of way as our own, nor can we do so on the village canal banks; that’s why they are called rights of way or easements.

Yes, we can feel for the loss of vegetation, and as a master gardener, I fully understand love of plants and homes for animals, but safety must come first.

Now, the last time this happened, Anne Gerwig got involved, and I wrote that she was actually politically motivated, succoring favor and really not asserting her responsibility, like the rest of the council.

False hope she gave (and denied) but here we are again, this time a flyer, exempting Gerwig from responsibility, whilst the rest of the council is blamed. Call these people to complain… everyone but Gerwig, because she’s on our side.

This is déjà vu, Gerwig offering solace instead of doing her job.

The flyer appears obviously to be political, one week after another article about Gerwig possibly running for the mayor’s seat.

As with most anonymous fliers, truth is foreign, and it is a cowardly way to run politics. I’m sorry, but too many coincidences here.

While Gerwig may not have written the flyer, certainly her supporters did, including e-mail addresses and when their next election is. What could be more political? Also wrongly including one member who was not even on the council at the time.

Perhaps Anne is merely testing the waters, before stepping into the mayoralty race, but in this case, the water seems a bit hot!

There used to be an expression, and it seems appropriate now, “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.”

Of course there will be denials, but the facts speak for themselves, twice bitten on the same subject, and her name off the flyer, blaming everyone but her.

If this was but her first venture here, but it is not, this is her second dance, same tune. The last denial seems to be flat now.

Strange how things happen prior to our election cycle!

George Unger, Wellington


  1. NonEquestrian, 5 hours ago
    Thank you George Unger for calling a spade a spade. George needs to be applauded not chastised for his honest assessment.
    Councilwoman Gerwig should be censored for flip flopping on the canal issue. I’m sure she knows the legal definition on an “Easement”. Our Village Manager, Village Engineer and Public Works Director have demonstrated the need to reclaim “Our Property Rights” for the good of our community.
    Gerwig should not be allowed to pander and play with residents emotions. Let the Canal Maintenance resume!!!
    Again, Thanks George Unger for pointing out the obvious. Keep it up.

  2. Mr Unger has definitely missed the mark with his scathing letter bashing Wellington Councilwoman Anne Gerwig. First Mr Unger, I believe that no one has said that the canals do not need to be maintained. I believe what the problem is, is how Wellington is going about doing it.

    Ms Gerwig’s position all along has been that this is not the landowners property and that Wellington does have the “Right-of-Way”, to do with the land as it sees fit, however I think Ms Gerwig’s position, IS, that although the Village can Clear Cut the banks, it is not necessary in all situations, and by all means do not do it until you absolutely have to.

    Mr Unger, to suggest that Ms Gerwig has used this to her political benefit is absurd. The only way that this enhances her political position is the fact that the Other Village Idiots, Margolis, Willhite and Greene, look so incompetent, because of their callus attitude toward the resident properties being affected.

    …. To “Constant Attacts” – I am sure that we will find that Mr Unger was appointed to the Village PZAB, by one of the Three Stooges (Willhite, Margolis, or Greene). Mr Unger’s comments and ignorance are definitely not falling far from the tree.

    Once again, Ms Gerwig has led the way to serve the residents of Wellington to provide them the best possible outcome. And it is laughable after watching the council meeting 5/26, the rest of the council falling in line behind her, as they once again demonstrated once again, that the only way to get anything done in the best interest of the residents, is to come together as a group that would pose a threat to the re-election of the Village Idiots. As soon as they (the three stooges) see that their incompetence will not be tolerated, they fold.

    So, if you have the flyer which was distributed, hold onto it. I am sure it will come in handy with important information in the coming months…. Let them really know what you think about the job they are doing to protect your property and rights as a property owner here in Wellington. DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE IN THE MARCH 2016 ELECTION!!!

  3. So George Unger is back at it making false accusations. He is the lapdog of the Gang of Three.

    Ms. Gerwig visited us and others and accurately explained the situation. All I received from John Greene was a nasty, ranting email that blamed everybody else for the problem and advised me to review minutes of meetings.

    But now the pandering Mr. Greene at the workshop blamed still others saying he was mislead by staff. And please Mr. Greene, enough with the family man portrayal of yourself.

    • Anne is the only one I trust. Greene has shown us he is a shameless panderer. He has been the puppet of the billionaires who have financed his political career. I can tell you my neighbors in Paddock are anxious to vote him out of office.

  4. And you were wrong last time too, George. You weren’t there when I went to the residents homes and explained the right-of-way limits and the maintenance easements. You assumed what I told them, and you could not be more wrong. This is an engineering project, and I happen to have one as a personal adviser. My message has not changed, and neither has George’s.

  5. I’m not going to comment on the political aspect. Your statement about “the canals must be free of trees, bushes and anything that could end up in our canals and back up the water.”

    The idea that banks must be clear is a grossly overstated. It doesn’t take more than a quick look up C51 along Southern Blvd to see that trees on banks and canals can exist in harmony.

    Sign the petition to stop this: https://www.change.org/p/village-of-wellington-stop-the-tree-fence-and-vegetation-removal-program-along-our-canals?recruiter=299679189&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share_email_responsive

  6. Anne Gerwig is certainly not my favorite person on the Council, but Mr. Unger constantly berates the woman. He just does not like her. His constant harping contributes to the divide in Wellington.

    Who appointed Mr. Unger to serve on the Planning and Zoning Board?

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