Letter: Congratulations To Verdenia Baker

Congratulations to Verdenia Baker, our next county administrator. Your selection to succeed Bob Weisman, who retires in August, is being well-received in the western communities. The look on Bob Weisman’s face when you were selected said it all.

There were 80 applicants and six finalists, and in the end, four commissioners did the right thing and made you their first choice.

There were a number of surprises leading up to your selection. The first surprise was that the county did a nationwide search. Some will say it is the best way to find the best person for the job. This was not the case, because the county knew that you were the best person.

Your 15 years as Bob’s deputy, plus he himself said he had trained you for the job and that you were capable of doing it. Your accomplishments speak for themselves, and I, for one, am impressed with your handling of the last flooding we had out west (during Bob’s absence).

Another surprise was how quickly numerous organizations and individuals came out in support for Shannon LaRocque, an assistant county administrator. Make no mistake, Shannon is good, but not as good or as qualified as you are. Her day will come.

Yet another surprise was the way that three of the commissioners voted. Many of us expected you to be the first choice of all seven commissioners. Two second choice and a third is just not fair.

We know that you will work hard for the greater good of all of Palm Beach County. You made a big breakthrough with the City of West Palm Beach. Keep it up. County commissioners, please take note, Verdenia Baker is brilliant.

Alma Sato, Wellington