Letter: ITID Has Blood On Its Hands

Regarding the fatality Thursday, April 23, at approximately 2:30 p.m. at the intersection of Tangerine Blvd. and 120th Ave. North, first, I would like to offer my condolences to the family of the deceased young Brittany Baxter. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you mourn the loss of your loved one.

Young Brittany did not have to die; the accident could have been avoided. Indian Trail was warned repeatedly, over and over again. How many more fatalities before you will take action?

Simply put, you have blood on your hands. You all should hang your heads in shame. You were warned about this dangerous intersection and the numerous accidents at this intersection long before the first fatality, and you did nothing.

Letters to you by myself and other concerned residents were mostly ignored. Our pleas for speed bumps, tables, any form of traffic calming devices fell on deaf ears. I wrote letters to the Town-Crier on this important issue.

My last letter to the editor on the subject of speed bumps questioned your decision to place speed bumps on quiet Sunset Blvd. east of Royal Palm Beach Blvd. and not on Tangerine where there have been numerous accidents.

You have blood on your hands because you were not proactive or reactive. Now that we have a second fatality inches away from the first, my question to you is, how many more fatalities before you will take action?

Action will not bring Brittany back, but would prevent fatalities in the future. Stop being so dysfunctional. Regarding these fatalities, I told you they would happen.

Over the years, many good candidates here in the western communities and elsewhere have ran unsuccessfully for office whilst current elected officials rely heavily on the stupidity of some of the voters to get elected. In Indian Trail, the stupidity of some voters, coupled with the stupidity of some of the drivers in our area, is a very strong contributing factor to our current traffic problems on Tangerine Blvd. and 120th Ave. North.

The buzzwords across America right now is that “black lives matter.” I say to Indian Trail, “all lives matter.” For goodness sake, take action now to stop the carnage. The life you save might well be your own.

Karl Witter, The Acreage


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