Letter: No Transparency In Wellington Government

The Tuesday, May 12, Wellington Village Council meeting demonstrated again the lack of transparency of Mayor Bob Margolis. Apparently, he forgets that Florida law seeks to make Florida government transparent and open.

Margolis brought forth at the meeting a discussion of Village Manager Paul Schofield’s contract. No backup information was provided, and there is no action needed on Schofield’s contract for at least six months.

Following a pointless and ponderous discussion on the matter, what was Margolis’ advice to Schofield? To “read the tea leaves.”

And that’s not all. His explanation to his council colleagues for bringing the matter forward prematurely? To “put them on the spot?”

Is this the manner by which to conduct a government? No. It is not professional, it is not transparent and it is a waste of resources.

The mayor is delusional when he asserts that everything is OK in Wellington and that all the issues regarding the equestrian industry are resolved and “things must be working.”

No, Mr. Mayor, people are dissatisfied with the council for what they see as rampant favoritism, a lack of transparency and retaliation against perceived political enemies.

The residents of Wellington view the handling of the equestrian industry by the council majority — Margolis, Matt Willhite and John Greene — as inept and costing the village millions in lost tax revenue and thousands of lost jobs. The only issue handled more dysfunctionally by the council majority is the disposition of K-Park.

The majority was elected with more than a million dollars from elite benefactors who want the equestrian industry to be their private club and not an economic engine that benefits the entire village. And so it is, that Wellington voters will have a third election in March 2016 in which they will see obscene amounts of money funneled through super PACs by elitists to elect candidates to implement their agenda.

But I predict that, as in the March 2014 election, the voters will not be fooled as they were in 2012.

Jack Mancini, Wellington


  1. it disgusts me to see what has become of Wellington government. We never had politics just community service. Bur now we have corrupt politcians.

    Why? Follow the money. Neil Hirsch and the Jacobs family have corrupted this village.

    Even my old friend Tom Wenham has been bought by the Jacobs.

    Time to sweep the dirt out of Village (not city) Hall.

    • Agree totally. We have lived here 25 years and always trusted Wellington. But it is shameful the lack of ethics and heaven help us who need to get a building permit and something built!!!! We did (what we thought) was a simple addition and it became a nightmare dealing with the village.


  2. It’s simply typical of how those three operate. The K-Park incident was a very costly shame and showed total incompetence to run a government.

    Willhite and Greene have been after Paul because they can’t control him. Willhite wants to make some mark before he is termed out. Listening to him is painful. He repeats himself constantly, and he speaks down to Wellington citizens as if he know better. Yet he’s never run anything expect government. He has no concept of the real world.

    Greene simply follows the leader. He seems void of original content.

    And as for Bob, it’s really hard to get a handle on him. You can’t depend on his word. He will say most everything. Watch what he does, not what he says.

  3. Mr. Mancini is correct. I try watching all the council meetings but this is one where I could not take it anymore and turned it off.

    And Mat Willhite is the most annoying of all them. He repeats himself over and over and over and accounts for probably half the time of meetings.

    Gosh we need a change in Wellington.

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