New Sports Program Kicks Off With Basketball In Wellington

A new sports alternative has come to the western communities. Although based in Tampa, i9 Sports — the nation’s largest youth sports league franchise — has established a foothold in the area.

Children from the western communities got to benefit from this national organization when, on Saturday, April 11, co-ed teams kicked off basketball season in Wellington.

Children of all skill levels are welcome on an ongoing basis, and there are no tryouts or drafts. Each and every game, everyone plays. There are no fundraising efforts and no mandatory volunteering, which makes it easier on families with multiple children playing on sports teams.

The schedule is more relaxed than in other sports leagues as well, with only one day per week scheduled.

The i9 organization has trained officials at every game, allowing children to learn the sport from the ground up just like any other organized sport. The mission of i9 Sports is to help kids succeed in life through sports, using sports to teach a child the skills necessary to succeed in life.

For additional information about i9 Sports programs in the area, call (561) 290-4949 or visit

ABOVE: Jordan and Joseph Pirrotta and Chris O’Brien of Wellington.