Letter: Wellington Should Buy Binks Forest

It is not just a golf course, it is our community. The Binks Forest golf course is attached to four home sites and steps away from a fifth. It is where we live. We swim there; we exercise there; we eat there; we meet there; we do business there; we play golf there — and if you don’t think so, why don’t you come by sometimes? It’s just around the corner.

The homes come in five sizes, and five price ranges. Come and see them; but hurry, they sell fast. So fast that you can’t even buy a new one; they are all sold out.

Wellington has it all thanks to our management, our residents, our business and our equestrians. We will even have a new deluxe movie theater next year.

Our golf course needs some repair. The owner is ready to sell. Wellington is looking to buy. Wellington has never spent a penny on the Binks Forest golf course. They have purchased many things, as they should have. Things we wanted, things we needed.

This golf course is ours in perpetuity. Let’s hope Wellington will find a way to buy it. We all know Wellington knows how to run things.

Morley Alperstein, Wellington


  1. This is such a joke. Why would we waste our taxpayer money on this. I am a golfer and the course is terrible. They have not made money there since, oh EVER… It would cost us $3 million to buy(WAY over priced for a broken down golf course) plus at least another million give or take to fix, then they are assuming that you need 365 days of golf with 96 rounds just to BREAK EVEN. First of all, no golf course operates 365, there are weather problems, maintenance etc. so you should probably count maybe 300 days. so now you need 117 rounds of golf a day. They cannot even give it away now, you can go on http://www.golfnow.com and get almost any day even in season for less than $25, sometimes it includes lunch… I for one will never support the village spending our money to do this. If the professional Golf management company could not make it profitable, how is the Village going to do it… HORRIBLE IDEA !!

  2. Agreed very self-serving letter. But this council is willing to use our money to buy the favor of any voting block.

    just what we need, using our money to buy a losing operation.

    And not long ago John Greene and Mat Willhite were asking to buy 34 useless, undevelopable acres from the trust fund of their buddy John Goodman for $1.5m.

    We need to throw this group out come next election.

  3. Mr. Alperstein,

    Yours is a self serving letter. Your community would ONLY benefit from the Village buying and maintaining the Bink’s Golf Course and Clubhouse in PERPETUITY.

    There is no mention by you, that the Bink’s Course is losing money.

    No mention by you, that it would cost anywhere from three quarters of Million to $2 Million+ to improve Bink’s. This information was stated by Wellington staff at an Agenda Review Council Meeting in which ALL Council members were present and NO Council members have since informed Wellington residents of the facts regarding purchasing of Bink’s.

    Every Single member of the Council IS aware that Bink’s is a failing golf course and they are aware that it would cost —Millions of Wellington residents’ money— to improve that golf course in only the Bink’s community.

    And also, there would be additional cost to fix Bink’s Clubhouse, then to maintain, run and compete with, not only other clubhouses in the area, but also with the new under construction Wellington Civic Center (WCC)building- by Lake Wellington- and the banquet rooms the Village hopes to rent out in it!

    IS the Council looking to compete with other golf courses and clubhouses and bankrupt other golfing entities trying to survive in Wellington?

    No mention by Mr. Alperstein, that Wellington tax money would be going to maintain the Bink’s course which would also be competing with the nearby Madison Green Golf Course in Royal Palm Beach and also Palm Beach County’s own golf course at Okeeheelee.

    The Village has not yet undertaken an inspection of the Bink’s Clubhouse.
    Why should the rest of the residents fund Your golf course and Your clubhouse when the majority of residents do not play golf? It’s only a select few who may use the course.

    As a matter of fact, golfers are decreasing in number, not increasing.

    Why should Wellington takeover in PERPETUITY a golf course that borders Bink communities when there are other more pressing needs in the Village? What about Eastwood, White Pine, Birkdale and other aging areas in Wellington?

    What hold do the Bink’s residents hold over the Village Council members that they would even consider buying a failing golf course that needs Millions and Million in course renovations?

    The selfishness of the Bink’s residents is outrageous and the Council’s questionable interest in buying and maintaining a failing entity puts their sensibilities in question, too.

    Buying Bink’s Golf Course only benefits Bink’s residents and makes the rest of all the other residents in Wellington pay in PERPETUITY to maintain and run it.

    Shame on ALL the Wellington Council for even thinking of buying a failing golf course and also for even thinking of investing millions of Wellington residents’ tax dollars to improve it in PERPETUITY.

    The Council just had a Visioning Workshop in which they were told that the millage rate should be raised to maintain what we currently have in Wellington.

    Now, this current Council: Margolis, Gerwig, Greene, Willhite and McGovern all want to spend even more money on a failing entity while considering raising the millage.

    All Council members need to be voted out. Those good ole boys and gal need to go. Fresh, new Council faces need to be voted into office.

    It’s disingenuous to ask residents what they think about buying Bink’s WITHOUT passing on ALL the relevant Bink’s information given by Wellington staff to ALL Council members at the Agenda Review meeting.
    Stop hiding from the facts of the situation!

    The ENTIRE COUNCIL needs to tell the Wellington public the facts regarding the amount of money the Village will have to pay to purchase, improve and maintain Bink’s Golf Course.

    This is another Kpark fiasco. Hurry, Hide and Hinder. Keep Wellington residents in the dark about the facts.

    The Wellington Council is just like ALL OTHER POLITICIANS elected to office.

  4. Morley,
    Did you forget? It did cost the people $83,000 to buy a tractor plus the labor to cut the grass plus other thing you don’t talk about.It looks like they are closing once again and you wany more housing.It was a dis service to our 5 community when you lobbed for town homes.We are now stuck with unsuitable housing instead of house to match our area .Your getting old and and been make a racket for nothing.
    Our village should not buy this course let them go broke and we will have it for free sooner or later.Did you not support the good old boy from your home state along with other? We don’t need them here.

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