Goodwill Teams Up With TruGreenIn Recycling Initiative

Gulfstream Goodwill Industries has partnered with TruGreen Plastics to further its recycling initiative by salvaging items that cannot be sold in retail stores, such as plastics, aluminum and toys.

Gulfstream Goodwill also has ongoing partnerships with other organizations to salvage scrap metal, books, paper and corrugated materials.

These recycling partnerships stem from Gulfstream Goodwill’s commitment to maximize waste diversion from landfills. Items that are not able to be sold in stores are salvaged through recycling partnerships.

The TruGreen partnership, which began in March, has produced 17,700 pounds of recycled materials to date.

All recyclable materials are sorted and distributed at Gulfstream Goodwill’s warehouse. After the materials are weighed, TruGreen Plastics purchases the materials by the pound.

“It’s a step onto the path of learning how to be green, by keeping things out of the landfill and protecting the environment, while at the same time adding a revenue stream to support our organization’s many health, human and social services programs,” Gulfstream Goodwill Director of Donations Deborah Gaudios said.

“The initiative is picking up, and it’s really exciting. Now we can service more people and not turn them away,” TruGreen Plastics Project Manager Sloan Sherman added.

TruGreen Plastics buys and sells millions of pounds of plastics and metals domestically and internationally each year. The privately owned organization has been in the plastics and metals recycling industry for more than 40 years.

Gulfstream Goodwill also has placed recycling bins in break rooms so employees can participate in the recycling initiative.

ABOVE: TruGreen Plastics Project Manager Sloan Sherman and Gulfstream Goodwill Director of Donations Deborah Gaudios with a table containing bottles of recyclable plastic materials.