‘Tyler’s Team’ Fantasy Football League Planned

September is just around the corner. It’s the start of football season, and the time of year millions of people play fantasy football. The Tyler McLellan Foundation, with the help of FantasyJocks.com and Rocket Sports & Entertainment, will be taking its fundraising efforts to the field.

The idea of starting a fantasy football league for charity was one foundation president Kevin McLellan had last year while searching for a special prize for another football-related event. During his search, McLellan came in touch with Fantasyjocks.com president Dustin Remy, who donated a fantasy football championship belt.

“Last year was our first year out with this new fundraiser, and we were happy with the results,” McLellan said. “This year, we have increased our prizes. I’m sure we will get the support of our participants from last year, as well as new supporters. We will have 100 spots open for 10 leagues with 10 teams in each league, and we are excited to see the response.”

If you are interested in participating, here’s what you need to know:

There will be an online draft on a date and time to be determined, most likely the third week of August or the first week in September. If you are unavailable the night of the draft, there is a feature called auto draft, where the computer makes selections based on pre-determined rankings. Participants will have the ability to make moves throughout the year. Should more than 100 people express interest, there can be multiple leagues. Contact the foundation quickly if you have interest in participating, because there is a limited number of available spots.

To enter, visit www.tylermclellanfoundation.org. Just click on the “Donate” button, submit your team name and e-mail, and submit the donation. You will be contacted with all the details.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will help the Tyler McLellan Foundation in “keeping kids in youth sports.”


ABOVE: The fantasy football league championship belt.