Letter: Dump Trump? Not So Fast!

The unexpected rise of Donald Trump in the GOP polls has come as a great surprise to many, myself included.

Donald Trump lives and breathes publicity and will say and do just about anything that will keep him in the spotlight, locally and nationally. (Just like the billionaire Richard Branson in England.)

Most GOP candidates are distancing themselves from him because of many remarks that he has made. Some are suggesting that the Republican Party should dump him. He has suggested that he might run as an independent, which would be a gift to the Democratic Party. Many expected that Trump’s rise to the top of the polls could not be sustained, but not only has he remained on top, his lead is increasing.

Some of Trump’s statements are outrageous and false, while others are true and seem to have struck a chord with many voters. I am not a fan of Trump, however, I admire his intestinal fortitude and his fearless take-no-prisoners attitude.

At a recent luncheon attended by one of our most honest, fearless and respected local politicians, he pointed out that Donald Trump’s popularity is based on the fact that he is financing his own campaign and not being controlled by special interest and big donors. Thus, he is able to say things that the other GOP candidates cannot say for fear of losing political contributors. This local politician went on to say that the other candidates in the race are puppets on a string.

Trump is not, and voters are fed up with the corrupt politicians and are showing their anger and frustration by backing Donald Trump. Those were valid points that had not occurred to me. We should all wait and see how this plays out in the coming weeks and months.

Anyone who thinks that decisions and votes made by politicians are not influenced by campaign contributions are naïve, and should look no further than the Palm Beach County Commission’s recent vote on the future of the Agricultural Reserve.

Trump may be an imperfect example, but he is a politician unafraid to speak out on pressing issues. It proves that when you have political confidence, you can become politically relevant.

Alma Sato, Wellington


  1. Time for words is gone. Too many elected officials talk & talk. Action is what counts and those who prattle the loudest have done the least. We pray that there are those who think through the realities of our times and will look for those with a track record of accomplishment. There is a host of talented candidates anyone of which can take this country back. My prayers are that it is not too late.

  2. Alma have you ever had a thought of your own? You are always parroting a “certain elected official”. Sadly, you are the puppet.

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