Letter: Reflections On The Debate

The first Republican presidential debate is now over, and much has been said about the brashness of Donald Trump and the banter between Chris Christie and Rand Paul, but there was more for the viewers to take away, and that was the evident anguish of a second tier candidate, Lindsey Graham.

If you tuned in to the non-prime-time event, you would have felt his message. Many dislike the senator for his past positions on issues, but it is very clear that he is running this race for the purpose of having a platform to speak directly to the people. He is well aware that he has no chance of winning the presidential nomination, but he does know that American strength has and does offer stability and safety worldwide. Since we have abdicated that role, the world has become a dangerous place.

America is in peril, along with the entire world, especially Israel, our longtime friend and sister nation in the Middle East. We are being placed in the most vulnerable position ever experienced as our leaders consent to the rise of a nuclear Middle East. The Iraqi human rights minister warned in an emergency session in Geneva that there are systematic and intentional attacks on civilians, including targeted killings, forced conversions, slavery, sexual abuse and the besieging of entire communities. The Middle Eastern nations are facing terrorist monsters, and yet many Americans sit idly by as if they cannot be touched by such atrocities and seemingly having no compassion for those who suffer.

For all things said against Sen. Lindsey Graham, he is a noble man, possessing the character of those who made America great. We all need to show exceptional character in these exceptional times. We need to be afraid, very afraid, for now is the time to take action — act for American greatness.

Martha Webster, Royal Palm Beach