Letter: Bart Novack Announces Council Run

Editor’s note: Wellington community activist Bart Novack recently filed paperwork to seek Seat 4 on the Wellington Village Council in March 2016. Seat 4 is currently held by Councilman Matt Willhite, who will vacate the seat due to term limits.

I have been a resident of Wellington for almost 14 years now, with my wife and daughter. My daughter started at Binks Forest Elementary School, going onto Wellington Landings Middle School and then finishing off at Wellington High School.

I have served the community coaching two girls soccer teams, ages 8 to 10 and 16-year-olds, and was known as the “barefoot coach” at Wellington Recreation. When my daughter was no longer playing, I continued forward as a coach for many years without her.

I have worked in construction from a laborer to boss, and also in the travel field, now on the open roads of America.

I have also been an outspoken voice in our community and at Wellington Village Council meetings for most of these years, helping others but having no personal gain.

As your councilman, I will support equal rights for the rich and the poor, complete transparency, public policy and community outreach. I want to protect our bedroom community with low taxes, responsible growth and management. I will not divide our community, and, instead, will try to unite us.

I’m wishing all candidates will run a clean campaign, as it will reflect onto them. I thank you in advance for your support. Vote Bart Novack for Seat 4 on the Wellington Village Council.

Bart Novack, Wellington


  1. Good luck Bart, I know you’ll have the communities interest at heart as I’ve always known you to. You’re a “mench” and proud to call you a friend.

  2. To WhatsUp your mined,
    Your are making up stories to the public with hiding behind a screen name. When your X Mayor and attorney pleas clint attorney privilege information and refuses to provide documentation to the public or when someone after being caught amens filings 13 time and it not even correct at this time.When our x village attorney bulk bill to our village coving personal attorney fees for nepotism for a council person.Whats wrong with exposing that to our residents? I have a back bone with morale where’s yours and other thinking like you.
    The public will see I’m the councilman they want to serve them. Having no horse in this game.My ties are to our residents to do the right thing for them.
    By the way, I am my own keeper and my current job is listed you just didn’t read it correctly.What other game do you want to play WhatsUp. Come out in public and make you statement in stet of hiding in the closet.

  3. Let’s support all qualified candidates and long term residents such as Mr. Novak. We don’t need nor want anymore attorneys on our Council.

  4. Novack has been a gofer for Margolis and filing an endless stream of baseless complaints with the inspector general. He will be nothing more than a lapdog for Margolis. Notice he does not give details abiout his current job because he has none.

  5. Glad there will be competition for Matt Willhite’s seat.

    Hoping that Mayor Bob Margolis is challenged, and that John McGovern also receives a challenge for his seat. John Greene, already has a challenger.

    No Council member should have a free ride and not be challenged.

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