Letter: Lyons Road Is Fine As Is

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the letter “Time To Open Lyons Road” by Larry Strauss, published last week.

While I appreciate people looking for an alternative to get to the turnpike south, I believe the major changes that would happen for Village Walk residents (and to a lesser extent, due to their multiple entrances, Olympia residents) could outweigh any time savings for the good folks from Buena Vida. We’re still getting used to the extra road use and traffic from our newest neighbors at the Wellington Tennis Center. (And how this might the road affect that facility as well?)

I believe the residents of Olympia and Village Walk value the semi-private road that we “bought into,” versus having a faster access to the turnpike south, not to mention the folks who live on the other side of Lyons Road, south of Stribling Way. Of course, a road going through Buena Vida could get us to the turnpike north faster too, so be careful what you wish for.

Jim Salerno, Wellington


  1. Dear NIMBY,
    I knew about Lyons Road Extension Plans. I enjoy Village Walk and look forward to accessing the Turnpike from the south. Property values will increase.

  2. Fortunately, Lyons Road does not belong to the Village of Wellington. The decision will be made by the County Commissioners.

    It’s what’s best foer the entire county, not Village Walk and Olympia.

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