Letter: Time To Open Lyons Road

Lyons Road between Lake Worth Road and Forest Hill Blvd. should finally be opened. It would save gas and time instead of having to use Pinehurst Drive or State Road 7 to get to the turnpike from Olympia or Buena Vida. We need another north-south road.

Larry Strauss, Wellington


  1. Totally support this idea of extending Lyons Road south to Lake Worth Road.

    The County agreed that when SR7/441 was expanded to 10 lanes, that Lyons Road would be extended, too. As George Webb, PBC Engineer has stated- SR7/441 is At Capacity. And let’s not forget, that Mr. Webb also stated that the Southern Blvd/SR7/441 intersection was already UNDERCAPACITY when it was built!

    The County Commissioners have approved developments with thousands AND thousands of new homes to the West. Those people WILL be traveling East and adding additional vehicles to ALL roadways here in the Western Communities.

    Time to get pro-active.

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