Letter: Council And Staff Are Right On K-Park

While on vacation this month, I was able to view some blogs from some Wellington bloggers. They were castigating the Wellington Village Council for decisions previously made on the K-Park property. It turns out that following the recent town meetings on the subject, the council was right on the money. The last thing Wellington residents want is residential, rentals, condominiums or apartment complexes. I thank you, Mr. Mayor and the council.

The K-Park town hall meetings that took place were well-organized, well-run, open and informative. The options given to the participants covered the gamut of opportunities available at this time for Wellington’s future. The ability to speak or comment was available to all.

What seems to have come out of the meetings is that two concepts are desired by the residents for the site: a passive-style park with walking and bike paths, open space with benches and tables, playgrounds and small pavilions; and a destination park that has something for the kids, parents and empty nesters. Also, a large percentage of residents are looking for a destination dining and entertainment center, so that evening trips to Delray Beach and Palm Beach Gardens are not necessary, and the residents can keep their dollars and business in Wellington.

Both of these concepts are a necessary element of a successful and desirable community. I hope that the supporters of both of these concepts do not take an all-or-nothing approach, similar to our situation today in Washington, D.C. Having just returned from Bar Harbour (Maine), Quebec City and Fernadina Beach on a well-deserved vacation, I found that these communities have seemed to combine both of these concepts successfully. The dining and entertainment section of Bar Harbour was not much more than 25 acres, as was Fernadina Beach. That leaves 40 acres for use and design of a passive park. A well-designed site plan could integrate the two concepts and create a win-win for Wellington and its residents. The key I found in all my travels was to get people out of their cars and walk, which opened up a lot more land and made the site much more appealing. My wish is that Mayor Bob Margolis and the council make K-Park a jewel for Wellington residents to enjoy for years to come.

Steve Haughn, Wellington