Letter: Gerwig On The Capital Budget

I want to clarify the issue that you reported on, regarding the pathways projects in the capital improvement budget (Wellington Council Gives Final Approval To Budget For 2016, Oct. 2). The reason that I brought up the issue of sidewalks in Paddock Park is because it leads to a very popular elementary school. If you have experienced the car pickup line at Binks Forest Elementary School, you understand why alternatives would be good.

My children rode their bikes to school and crossed in the back of Paddock, where there is a crossing guard and a pedestrian-only crossing. The traffic is not significant in the large lot areas, but when kids are on the same roadways with cars, it does become an issue. The Sugar Pond Manor kids also cross through there, because it is easy access to the school.

My understanding of the school district’s transportation plan is that the two-mile radius is excluded from bus service because it is considered to be close enough to walk or ride your bike. It was fun for my boys to ride to school, and it was good for them to experience a little independence.

I was surprised that there was not a higher interest on the part of the council, based on the fact that safety for school children was the reason that I brought it up in the first place. Your reporting did not cover that part of the discussion, and I hope that this clarifies my position.

Anne Gerwig, Wellington Councilwoman


  1. This council has been so divisive during the past 3 years that nothing by no one can get accomplished. Ms. Gerwig has had to prevail against stupidity of the other members. 2016 will hopefully bring some intelligent members that can work with her to get something done. This council is embroiled in legal battles resulting from poor decisions. Embarassing!

  2. This is not a project. It didn’t meet the criteria for the other council members to consider it a priority. I’m sorry that “Once Again” still did not understand the issue.

  3. Instead of being Proactive, it is an established pattern of being Reactive.

    Can’t think of a single project that has been implemented by the Councilwoman.

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