Letter: No Longer In Support Of The SR 7 Extension

At one point, as a more than 30-year resident of the rural “Acreage/Loxahatchee” community, I supported the State Road 7 “reliever road” extension, simply to alleviate traffic on our very local roads.

However, the more I dug into development issues and how they affect our community, the more I began to realize that adding another major road would not only allow more development that directly affects us, but allow more traffic from development that should not be approved to travel throughout our quiet community, on numerous roads owned by our residents, thereby destroying our quality of life. (Not to mention our local roads are supported solely by taxes paid by Indian Trail Improvement District residents.)

It is true that Minto West has been approved, cases have been lost, an appeal is in play and another lawsuit is still pending. However, even if Minto is ultimately approved by prevailing in such litigation, if the “extension” is not constructed, it can serve as a major impediment for other huge developments that threaten us. GL Homes on the old Indian Trail Groves property and Avenir on the old Vavrus Ranch property immediately come to mind, not to mention other large and unnamed parcels waiting in the wings.

This type of thought is what led me to switch my position concerning the extension, despite my prior support. Remember, my concern was then, and remains, our local roads. The extension itself, if built, creates a nightmare for all of our community, as our local, lightly traveled roads turn into a major pass-through for every large parcel in the area. Just think it about it…

Yes, I think West Palm Beach’s claim is “contrary,” but ultimately, I support their effort to deny the construction for all of the right reasons, and those right reasons all have to do with salvaging at least as much of our quality of life issues as I can. You should think about it in this manner, and support West Palm Beach, too!

Patricia D. Curry, The Acreage


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