Letter: No RaceTrac Gas Station

I read about the RaceTrac station and understand the general consensus of the audience at the last meeting about the new gas station. I commend the Royal Palm Beach Village Council on its understanding of how our residents feel and how they were expressing themselves. Postponing discussions to secure a larger venue was the wise action to take.

I am against building the RaceTrac gasoline station at the Southern Blvd. entrance to our village. Elected officials — Matty Mattioli, Richard Valuntas, Fred Pinto, Jeff Hmara and David Swift — by now you have been given a plentiful dose of how our residents feel about putting in an unneeded business. Why build this garish building when it serves no purpose and brings no value added by its presence?

Some compelling reasons why this is a bad choice for the use of this property:

1. There are already three stations on Southern that have been in place for years, which adequately and safely serve our community.

2. Ingress access to the business will be congested trying to cross over on northbound Royal Palm Beach Blvd. to get in coming in from the east.

3. Adding a westbound turn lane on Southern into the station is dangerous because vehicles could run through the right-turn-only lane at the village entrance.

4. Drivers exiting the station would have a difficult time getting out to Royal Palm Beach Blvd. to go east on Southern.

5. There is a U-turn lane further west on Southern, but it is not signalized.

Mention was made about the use of “beige colors instead of bright red so it won’t stick out on the corner.” No mention was made of the high-intensity lights that will illuminate the property, nor how big and where the mandatory gas price sign will be placed and illuminated.

[Planner] Brian Terry “believes it will fit seamlessly into the community.” Use of the word “believes” means no one really knows for sure. His quote: “This is what the Village of Royal Palm Beach deserves to have to serve the residents.” I would give this statement credence if it were to be a consensus opinion of our residents and council…

I ask the many of you who feel building this gas station is a bad idea and bad use of the property, please write your council members and attend the meeting planned to be held at the Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center.

Tom Parker, Royal Palm Beach