Letter: RaceTrac Project Has Its Benefits

I take exception to a recent letter opposed to building a RaceTrac gas station at the corner of Southern and Royal Palm Beach boulevards. The writer suggested that the village instead acquire the property and “develop it into an outstanding entrance to our neighborhood” with fountains and sculptures.

I’d agree if Southern was not currently a highly commercialized thoroughfare, the character of which would not be changed by a new RaceTrac. On the other hand, RaceTrac is traditionally one of the lowest-price brands of gas, and would be a welcome relief from other local stations that charge 30 to 40 cents a gallon over the county average.

Plus, the station’s design would undoubtedly have its major entrance and exit on Southern, meaning station traffic would never even enter the neighborhood.

Bottom line: let’s add this highly useful new amenity to our community and save us the cost of a grand entrance to pay for the more pressing needs of the Royal Palm Beach community.

Jay Schleifer, Wellington


  1. As a resident of Royal Palm Beach, I agree that this project is misplaced and will further degrade this location. If it is so desirable of a project for your community Mr. Schleifer, I suggest you petition the applicant to relocate it within the Village of Wellington. Perhaps right at the entrance sign of Wellington.

  2. How nice of you to want a cheap gas station in RPB. You are right in stating that it would fit in well with what is there. It will be the complimentary piece to the Santamaria Truck Stop that keeps drunks, drugies, and prostitutes that run back and forth across RPB @ nite. Adding the Race Trac would only exacerbate a horrible problem created by Santamaria who has only one objective $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ He has ruined our community and it is time to stop his Race to Ruin us further!!!!

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