To Score Your Discount, Know What To Ask


While it may sound trite, it seems that anyone can score a discount these days in the fluctuating marketplace. Tuck away a few key phrases in your cerebrum, try to find a friendly salesperson and go to work.

For example, is your cable bill shooting skyward? Pick up the phone, make a pleasant introductory remark about their wonderful programming, and then be direct: “I must cut expenses and that includes cable. Have you any promotions available? Or perhaps an older promotion that I can latch on to?”

Of course, if there is a competing cable company in your area, check them beforehand to determine if there are any price deals they are offering. If, yes, you are almost certain to get a better deal from your carrier.

When it comes to furniture or appliances, start your pitch by asking when the next store sale is due. “Do I have to wait for the next sale, or can we make a deal now?” There is rarely a time when the sales person, who generally has a commission deal somewhere in the compensation package, won’t work hard to complete a deal. And there is always the old ploy: “How about if I take the floor sample off your hands.” That one works far more often than you can imagine.

Also, hospitals and even doctors will negotiate. One thought is to check out It is a price resource, quite like the Kelley Blue Book for automobile pricing. Then, armed with the competitive facts, make your call. Generally, hospitals are easier to deal with. A straightforward request may well go a long way toward reducing costs. After all, what do you have to lose?