Scripps Professor Speaks At Wycliffe Country Club About Healthy Aging

Nearly 100 residents of Wycliffe Country Club in Wellington gathered recently for an informative presentation by Professor Paul Robbins, Ph.D., with the Department of Metabolism and Aging at Scripps Florida.

Robbins explained that the goal to find a cure for aging is to extend health span, not lifespan. He shared with the audience his labs research focus: the pathways important for driving autoimmune and inflammatory disease as well as age-related degeneration are surprisingly similar.

The Robbins laboratory is developing new approaches to treat autoimmune (type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis), inflammatory (inflammatory bowel disease, delayed type hypersensitivity) and age-related degenerative diseases using biologics and small molecules. He also discussed the many different therapeutic approaches being developed, including adult stem cells and identification of drugs able to reverse cellular aging.

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ABOVE: Adali Pearlstein, Dr. Paul Robbins, Hal Levin, Audrey Greenberg and Rosemary Mirenda.