Letter: Support For Martha Webster For RPB Mayor

I was pleased to learn that Martha Webster will be running for mayor of Royal Palm Beach in the Dec. 11 issue of the Town-Crier. There is no doubt in my mind that Ms. Webster will make an excellent mayor. She served the Village of Royal Palm Beach very well for five years both as councilwoman and as vice mayor.

Her hard work and dedication cannot be questioned. This hard work and dedication helped to make the Village of Royal Palm Beach the envy of most municipalities. Royal Palm Beach’s achievements are too numerous to mention, from the building of Commons Park, bringing Aldi to our area and creating jobs, supporting the Office of the Inspector General and the extension of State Road 7, the Crestwood Task Force including a broad spectrum of residents throughout the village, reducing or keeping the property tax rate the same for the past 20 years, and working to improve village roadways. It is little wonder that Royal Palm Beach was ranked in the top 10 communities in which to raise a family.

Webster works well for the residents for the good of the community. She was re-elected both opposed and unopposed for three terms, and I, for one, know that this is her time to shine as our mayor. Let’s all get behind Martha Webster and give her our full support, not only for the good of Royal Palm Beach, but for the entire western communities. As Mayor Matty Mattioli retires, the Village of Royal Palm Beach should be led by Martha.

Marcia Berwick, Suburban Lake Worth

Editor’s note: Ms. Berwick, a local businesswoman, was a 30-year resident of Royal Palm Beach until she just recently moved.