Letter: Alan Gerwig Defends Anne

Recently, there have been attacks on my wife’s character and integrity using innuendo to insinuate that her service on the Wellington Village Council has financially benefited our family-owned engineering business.

Nothing could be further from the truth.
Our engineering firm, Alan Gerwig and Associates, has been in business since 1998. We have clients all over the state, including Palm Beach County. We have provided civil and structural design services to Palm Beach County since 1999.

We do not do any work for the Village of Wellington.

The suggestion that our firm cannot do business with other governmental entities outside of Wellington, just because my wife is a Wellington councilwoman, is ridiculous.

With the upturn in county spending on infrastructure these past few years, the county has begun much-needed infrastructure repairs. Our firm has been awarded engineering services contracts, in a public selection process. Using false figures, her opponent asserts that Anne has “raked in over a half a million dollars last year.” Not true! The reality is that it is much less.

Since Anne’s opponent has never owned a small business, he doesn’t understand that the great majority of these dollars cover the cost of employees, expenses and are passed through to various subconsultants who do work with us on these infrastructure projects.

This desperate attack is simply an attempt at distraction, a smear campaign by Anne’s opponent, who has some very real and disappointing ethical problems of his own, including a finding of guilt and fines by the Florida Ethics Commission.

Despite the noise, Anne is continuing to talk about the issues important to residents and her vision for the future of Wellington.

Alan Gerwig, Wellington


  1. Margolis, Greene and Willhite ushered in an era of corruption and vulgar amounts of money into politics. They have spent millions of our money trying to stop the growth of horse facilities. My grand-kids love the covered arena that they tried tearing down.

  2. I’be watched Ms. Gerwig in action and she is no beholden to anybody.

    On the other hand Bob Margolis has been a trained seal for the part-time billionaire Jacobs family.

  3. When your first act to promote yourself, is to attack your opponent instead of demonstrating your strengths, you have already lost. Marigolis is a bully and I know first hand, as he has tried to use this tactic on me!! Adios Margolis, we can’t wait to see you go!!! You and your other two village idiots (Greene and Willhite) have done enough damage to OUR village. Oh and weren’t you, Mayor, found guilty of ethics violations?

  4. Mr. Gerwig,
    I totally understand your position as a small business owner and appreciate the hard work in maintaining and growing a business. However, the optics aren’t good everytime Anne recuses herself from key votes due to conflicts or potential conflicts of interest. We, the real residents, deserve a steady and constant presence on our council. Can you imagine when the time comes that between Anne and the other Council Members (attorneys) have to recuse themselves due to conflicts of interest? Who is going to govern?

    Mr. Gerwig, you are a respected individual and professional in our community. We all understand your position.

    • Dear Concerned Senior,

      I appreciate your understanding of my business and your kind words regarding my reputation and I understand your point regarding members recusing themselves. The reality is Anne has had to recuse herself on items over the 6 years she has served this Village. That is barely one per year. This is 7 out of thousands of items that come before the council. Her record over the last 6 years is such that it should give residents comfort that she will indeed be present and engaged.

      I want to reiterate that the items had nothing to do with our County work and her opponent knows this and yet he continues to try to muddy the water and distract from his ethical challenged leadership he has ushered in 4 years ago. The residents are being subjected to more of the same deceit and innuendo by him as he makes these patently false statements about our business at the public debates. This is a consequence of special interest money which is now over $1,000,000 being spent to influence the elections in their interest. I don’t know how long you have lived in Wellington but prior to 2012, our elections were financed by our residents like normal municipal elections. Now Wellington elections attract more funding that state races. It will continue unless and until it becomes ineffective. I believe the residents have the power to put it to an end by rejecting these tactics and those that seek to gain power with it. To this point I would suggest you look at her opponents campaign financial reports and where his money is coming from. Actually compare his reports to Anne’s. You will see exactly what I am talking about.

      I hope you will consider will the character and integrity of the candidates. Because at the end of the day that is the most important quality that should be demanded of our leaders. I promise you that Anne has that integrity and quality of character and the contrast over the past four years has been stark.

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