Letter: Honor David Swift’s Service

David Swift has given many years of stellar service to the Village of Royal Palm Beach, and that service and his dedication deserves to be respected by our residents. I have sat on the dais with him and seen many residents come in for his support on issues, and he has been there to listen and encourage the other members of the council to stop and consider their views. I hope that those residents remember what he has done for them over the years and will stand with him as he has stood for them and not allow the very ugly and baseless attacks that are now being made against his character.

I am honored that he has chosen to endorse me in my candidacy for mayor. Many know that we have not always shared the same point of view, but we have both always shared our passion for our village and its residents. Good government is when there is public discussion and many sides to each argument before coming to consensus. That is transparent government in action; government you can trust.

David has chosen to endorse me over my opponent, Fred Pinto, because he knows that I have and will continue to represent the best interests of the citizens of our village, and I am not beholden to any big development or the influence of their money. You, the people and families of Royal Palm Beach, have always come first for David, and your interests are what are most important to him. He has been a significant contributor to all the good things this village has to offer and will see to it that your quality of life, the safety of your communities and the future of your families continues by making wise choices as he weighs the projects that come before him. I am glad that he stands steadfast on the council and continues to be the voice of reason. I am sure his supporters feel the same.

Martha Webster, Royal Palm Beach