Letter: The Strength Of Giving

“[You!] Who have done nothing good for the village,” shouted Jess Santamaria as he wagged his finger at the crowd of Royal Palm Beach residents at the Jan. 14 council meeting regarding RaceTrac. Now he repeats the same words to a few selective residents of the village in a full-page advertisement in last week’s Town-Crier.

I ask of Jess Santamaria, does giving have no value if it comes from your heart and not your wallet? To say to our residents that they have not given to their community is a demeaning insult. Our residents give every day in their neighborhood, supporting one another in personal needs, giving a helping hand when needed, maintaining their homes, sharing their family values — they are the community of Royal Palm Beach. Without these individuals, there would be no collective village.

They reminded Mr. Santamaria when he chastised them, that they pay taxes! They have opinions and a vision for the village where they have invested, for that and our Constitution, they have a right in this democracy to ask to be heard.

I would almost guarantee that the level of giving by each of these residents in Royal Palm Beach is a great portion of what they are able to share with others and would add that many do without to help others. Not one of the residents has ever said that anything was “owed” to them. Our community has come out to speak up, give their opinion and even run for office to make change, and are willing to continue to believe that their giving has worth in our Village of Royal Palm Beach. I agree with them. I will end now with a quote by Kahlil Gibran, “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”

Martha Webster, Royal Palm Beach

Editor’s note: Ms. Webster is a candidate for mayor of Royal Palm Beach.