Letter: Truck Transport Through Wellington

Is there an ordinance that prevents multi-ton fill trucks from short-cutting through Wellington proper? They are moving hundreds of tons of fill from the Glades every day. Instead of taking a state road with greater road capacity, such as Southern and State Road 7, which are built for heavier trucks, they short-cut through Binks Forest, onto Greenview Shores, and then South Shore. Six-year-old new South Shore is buckling and going to fall apart. Just drive it and feel it; the same for Greenview Shores. This will cost Wellington residents millions in taxes to fix, not to mention how these trucks fill otherwise quiet neighborhoods with noise and soot, and exacerbate traffic and congestion as they line up in front of our schools, which are already jammed.

Fred Levin, Wellington


  1. In order to keep off our main roads, use flying cow rd and it brings them right into equestrian area.This is just to easy to do. lol

  2. Wellington needs to put a Special Assessment Tax on all equestrian development in order to pay for this road impact. The equestrian nonresidents drive up our cost of living and don’t carry their negative economic impact on our community.

  3. Totally agree with this letter writer. But it is hard to distinguish if the trucks are headed to or leaving the Equestrian Preserve where there is alot of building going on or just cutting through Wellington.

    Just wait though, the development that has started to occur along Southern Blvd west will start to escalate and the already crowded roadway will seek to relieve their traffic woes by cutting through Wellington even more.

    And thank our own Commissioner McKinlay for advocating for more industrial development off of Southern, thereby ‘violating’ the public trust from keeping a line between development and the sensitive nearby environment. But she’s more interested in furthering her own political ambitions as we have recently witnessed. So, more trucks and more cars cutting through Wellington!

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