Letter: What’s In A Name?

As a vital member of the Royal Palm Beach Village Council, Mayoral Candidate Fred Pinto worked with his fellow residents and council members to ensure that all of the following became a reality in our wonderful hometown. What’s in a name? Everything we need in a leader for our great village!

F-ought crime and cost by transitioning from local police to the sheriff.

R-allied to keep property taxes low for residents year after year.

E-xtended State Road 7 to alleviate traffic congestion.

D-edicated to creating senior housing to keep families united.

P-rovided parks for families, friends and pets.

I-ncreased jobs with the Aldi distribution facility.

N-egotiated to secure long-term financial stability to the village.

T-alked and listened to the concerns and needs of residents.

O-pposed zoning that kept residential and commercial separate.

Absentee ballots have been mailed. Election day is soon approaching. The future of this awesome village lies in our hands. We must choose the best candidate, who has proven time and time again that he is knowledgeable, efficient, diligent and dedicated to maintaining and improving the lifestyle we have all come to enjoy as residents of Royal Palm Beach.

Lori Cabrera, Royal Palm Beach