Letter: A Few Of My Proclamations To Consider

When I read the Feb. 26 Palm Beach Post article regarding the “Meatless Monday” proclamation, I didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or slam my head against a wall.

Given only I would hear the former and the latter would be painful and in light of current healthcare costs, expensive, I decided, instead, to craft constructive “proclamations” for the Board of County Commissioners to consider.

How about these:

• “Hold developers to what they are approved for when they buy land and submit development applications for huge density and intensity increases” Monday

• “Save the Ag Reserve” Tuesday

• “Support farmers and farming instead of developers and development” Wednesday

• “Protect existing residents from urban-like towns being built in rural and exurban areas” Thursday

• “Make developers pay for their impacts in full instead of taxing residents in perpetuity” Friday

• “Stop rewriting the comp plan to accommodate developers” Saturday

• “Put a stake in overdevelopment” Sunday

My proclamations, too, are intended “for the good and welfare of our residents” (as Commissioner Paulette Burdick said). Will my proclamations be embraced and, more importantly, acted on accordingly?

Given the commissioners’ track record regarding Minto West/Westlake, I prognosticate yet another painful stake (GL Homes) driven in each of my proclamations… and in the hearts and wallets of every resident in the western communities, especially The Acreage/Loxahatchee. Prove me wrong. Please.

Jean Edwards, The Acreage