Letter: Hmara’s The One

This letter is in support of Jeff Hmara for Seat 1 in Royal Palm Beach. I won’t take up space by repeating his extensive work, military and educational background, but will instead emphasize the kind of person he is. He uses his intelligence to truly listen to people, and to gather information so that whatever decision he makes on an issue is an informed one, and just as important, is in his opinion in the best interests of the residents of Royal Palm Beach.

While being a councilman is technically a part-time job, Hmara has made this a full-time job for himself, having spent many thousands of hours over these past four years working very hard and fighting for what is best for the residents of our community. We are so very fortunate to have Hmara working on our behalf in Royal Palm Beach.

It is no coincidence that his list of endorsements for this election is the length of my arm. He has earned those endorsements, he has earned my vote, and he deserves your vote as well.

Steve Feiertag, Royal Palm Beach