Letter: Margolis: The Real Education Candidate

Painted perceptions and carefully worded verbiage of political campaigning doesn’t alter the truth. Bob Margolis is our education candidate for mayor of Wellington. When Bob Margolis, John Greene and Matt Willhite were elected in 2012, a shift in the council’s focus occurred, and our village’s children became a priority again. Eliminated by the prior mayor and a previous council, grant money to support our students returned into the budget. At a June 2013 council meeting, Margolis’ opponent suggested implementing the program with $10,000 less per school. However, with Margolis’ leadership, our village’s 11 non-Title 1 schools each currently receive $25,000 in much-needed grant money earmarked for initiatives that promote student achievement. Data from the 2014-15 school year shows that more than 2,600 students were served by this grant, with 80 percent achieving gains in reading and 77 percent in math.

It is said that some people just talk the talk while others walk the walk. For some, I guess it’s easy to ride the coattails of successful initiatives and then pass them off as their own. Although understated, Margolis has earnestly talked, walked and made a positive impact on thousands of our students. If it were not for his vision and commitment to our children, this grant money would never exist, potentially rendering thousands of our children without the help they need.

Our exemplary schools are the reason why thousands of us moved to Wellington. It is the reason why our property values have sustained. Regardless of other village concerns, our children should be our priority. A participant sits back and accepts the status quo; a leader rallies to affect necessary change. Our children matter. Vote for Bob Margolis.

Theresa Ventriglio, Wellington


  1. Please advise this lady that we have a school board. Wellington should not be using our money for schools.

  2. Will the letter writer please indicate which Council person appointed her to the Education Board?

    Everyone is concerned about education. In addition, more money is not always the only answer to education problems.

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