Letter: Save The Equestrian Preserve

Please help us preserve the Wellington Equestrian Preserve and the very identity of our beautiful community. I moved here from Miami six months ago to escape the destruction that overpopulation and overdevelopment has caused to my beautiful birthplace. This has caused severe flooding in western Dade County every time it rains. Most Miami high-rise units are selling at 50 cents on the dollar because greedy condo developers are unable to sell them given poor economic forecasting.

My family and I could have moved anywhere, but we chose Wellington for its unique infrastructure, green areas, equestrian culture and family feel. This is such a rare gem. People in Miami pay millions for homes and do not get to live in the open, traffic-free and green areas we enjoy. The green areas must be preserved if we don’t want what has happened to every other beautiful Florida community to happen here, too.

Elizabeth Calzadilla, Wellington