Letter: Support For Wellington Question 3

Before I moved to Wellington, I spent years enjoying polo at Two Trees in Bridgehampton, N.Y., surrounded by open, green space and making countless memories on the polo fields in the surrounding area. Two Trees was a cherished gem for all who loved the sport of polo.

But development pressure in the town was immense. As a result, the polo fields were recently sold to a housing developer. High goal polo is no more — and it will not return.

That’s why I moved to Wellington, because it has plentiful polo fields and a rustic, rural environment. But more importantly, the equestrian uses and lifestyle are respected, preserved and protected by our one-of-a-kind Equestrian Preserve Area.

Unfortunately, Wellington is now seeing the same “push to develop” forces that ruined Bridgehampton. We just lost Gulfstream Polo to development… If certain people have their way, we will continue to lose more and more of our cherished equestrian areas to unnecessary developments in the equestrian preserve. We must draw the line in the grass now, and keep commercial hotels, condos and the like out of preserve. Giving in to developer pressure is the wrong move, and a slippery slope that will ultimately dismantle the preserve.

Let’s be smart and protect what we love. Vote “yes” on ballot questions 1 and 3. Let’s protect Wellington’s Equestrian Preserve Area for all to benefit for years to come.

Stacie Simpkins, Wellington