Letter: Vote For Pinto, Hmara And Valuntas In RPB

The voting time has arrived to show your support for our three candidates: Fred Pinto who is running for mayor, and Jeff Hmara and Richard Valuntas who are running to maintain their positions on the Royal Palm Beach Village Council.

We have an amazing village that is so beautiful with all our parks, the newest being Commons Park, and the many ball parks for our younger generation that keeps them engaged in a friendly and healthy lifestyle. We are probably also the only village, town or city in the State of Florida that has not increased taxes for the past 18 years and will also be debt free. The reason that this hard-to-believe situation exists is because of our mayor and council. The three candidates that are running to stay on the council have pledged to continue to maintain no tax increases and our debt-free condition.

The reason for our wonderful condition is that our mayor and council have done an outstanding job in preparing and continuing to update as needed a 15-year detailed projection plan of our village’s needs.

This is your opportunity to help maintain this outstanding situation by voting to keep Fred Pinto, Jeff Hmara and Richard Valuntas in office.

George Peltzmacher, Royal Palm Beach