Applications For Wellington Council Seat Due Monday

Applications for appointment to Wellington Village Council Seat 2, which was left vacant by Anne Gerwig upon her election as mayor, must be submitted to the village clerk’s office no later than noon on Monday, April 4.

As of press time on Wednesday, the village had received applications from two residents, Evan Turk and Steven Rosenblum. More applications are expected.

The successful applicant will fill Seat 2 until the next municipal election in March 2018. Applicants must be registered voters and residents of Wellington.

Qualified individuals must submit an application package, which includes a résumé and/or biographical information, and a completed questionnaire answering the following questions:

1. Why do you want to serve on the village council?

2. What do you believe should be the main concerns or priorities of the village council and how would you address them?

3. How can village governance be improved?

4. What is your position on the sale of K-Park and, if sold, what type of site usage would you like to see?

5. What is your position regarding the equestrian industry in Wellington?

6. Are you interested in running for election in the 2018 cycle?

7. Describe your history of public service and how it will benefit the council.

8. What are your three most important attributes that would make you the ideal fifth member of the council?

A downloadable copy of the questionnaire is available at

The application package should be submitted to acting Village Clerk Rachel Callovi.

On Monday, April 11, following the conclusion of the council’s agenda review meeting, which starts at 4:30 p.m., applicants will be given the opportunity to make brief presentations to the council.

At the regular council meeting on Tuesday, April 12, public comments will be taken regarding the candidates, after which the council will select three applicants to come back to a special meeting on Wednesday, April 13 at 6 p.m., when the applicants will be interviewed by council members. Each interview will last about 10 minutes. The interviews will be followed by council discussion, after which a new council member will be appointed.